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FIN Response to CFPB Payments Data Orders

October 21, 2021 – Today FIN responded to CFPB orders sent to specific FIN member companies. The following statement is attributed to Brian Peters, Executive Director, Financial Innovation Now. “FIN member companies offer exceptional products that are helping solve Americans’ financial challenges. FIN member companies deeply value consumer protection and their best practices [...]

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About Financial Innovation Now


Financial Innovation Now is an alliance of technology leaders working to modernize the way consumers and businesses manage money and conduct commerce. We believe that technological transformation will make financial services more accessible, safe and affordable for everyone, and we promote policies that enable these innovations.

Right now there are countless reasons for innovative stakeholders to accelerate the pace of change in financial services:

Transferring funds between bank accounts should be as fast as sending an email...
...but in the United States it can take three to five days for financial institutions to transfer and deposit money.
America’s entrepreneurs should have access to capital to grow their companies...
...but many small businesses cannot get loans because antiquated credit risk assessments are slow and costly, making it more profitable for traditional lenders to focus on large businesses.
Cashing and spending a paycheck should be easy and cheap...
...but over two billion people in the world lack access to the most basic financial services.
Consumers should be able to make payments safely at the touch of a single button...
...but the United States is trying to adopt a cumbersome European chip card invented in the 1980s. Payments can be even safer with far less friction.

The United States and the world can do better. Innovation in financial services has the potential to greatly improve how consumers and small businesses save, borrow, transact, and invest. We believe financial innovation will:

Empower consumers to better manage their financial lives through convenience, ease of use and access to more options.

Grow opportunities for all consumers to have safe and reliable financial tools and deepen financial literacy.

Enable small businesses to grow and succeed with greater access to capital and analytical tools to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Strengthen authentication and security solutions above and beyond current measures.

Help consumers save money and lower costs.

Financial Innovation Now is working with policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure that legislative and regulatory initiatives encourage the growth and adoption of new financial services technologies and products.

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