FIN Consumer Survey: Payment Apps Are a Vital Part of Everyday Life for Millions of Americans – all ages, urban and rural, Democrats and Republicans, across race and ethnicities (February 2020) 

Javelin Report: Technology Companies Driving P2P Adoption (November 2019)

Consumer Reports: Tech Company Payment Apps Outscore Bank Service

Square Capital: Much higher lending to women and minority owned businesses; overwhelming majority of loans to rural and suburban areas – filling gaps left by traditional lenders

PayPal: One third of PayPal Working Capital loans go to women owned businesses, double the rate of traditional financial institutions

Stripe: Businesses increase their revenues by 6.7% with Stripe, lower operating costs 24%

PayPal: Over two thirds of PayPal Working Capital loans go to the 10% of counties in the US that have lost 10 or more banks since the financial crisis

Google Pay: Banks, governments and tech need to work together to digitize economies and increase financial inclusion

Amazon Cash: Load cash at millions of retail locations; shop without a debit or credit card, no interest or fees

Intuit: 60 percent of QuickBooks Capital customers would likely not get a loan elsewhere, and 46 percent have never applied for a loan before

Amazon loans over $1billion to U.S. small businesses, and SMBs doubled sales on Amazon

Square Report on Cash: Making Change, Payments Perspectives and Politics

Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard Announcing FedNow: Delivering Faster Payments for All 

Google Pay: Billions of transactions over India’s real-time-payments system and Universal Payments Interface

FIN Supports Federal Privacy Effort: Letter to Senate Banking Committee

Federal Reserve: Do Fintech Lenders Penetrate Areas That Are Underserved by Traditional Banks?

FIN Testimony before the House Financial Services Committee (February 2018)

PayPal: Ten Billion Dollars and Counting – Helping Small Businesses Globally

FIN Report: Examining the Extensive Regulation of Technology Companies 

GAO Report – Financial Technology: Additional Steps by Regulators Could Better Protect Consumers and Aid Regulatory Oversight

The Apple Card has changed the way I look at spending money and helped me in my ongoing effort to stay debt-free

U.S. Treasury Department Report: A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities Nonbank Financials, Fintech, and Innovation

CFPB: Principles For Consumer-Authorized Data Sharing to Foster the Development of Innovative Financial Products and Services, Increase Competition in Financial Markets, and Empower Consumers to Take Greater Control of Their Financial Lives

Intuit: $500 Million Reasons to Use the Quickbooks Financing Platform

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