In response today’s announcement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the following statement is attributable to Brian Peters, Executive Director of Financial Innovation Now:

“Financial Innovation Now (FIN) appreciates the CFPB’s effort to promote innovation in financial services through the No-Action Letter policy. While FIN is still evaluating details of the policy, we support the Bureau’s goals to enable new technologies and improve regulatory clarity for innovators. Technology moves at light speed, so we look forward to continuing to work with the CFPB to accommodate new entrants and avoid outdated or unreasonable burdens to new technology. We share similar goals to make financial services more accessible, safe and affordable for everyone.”


About Financial Innovation Now
Financial Innovation Now is an alliance of technology leaders, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Intuit and PayPal, that are working together to modernize the way consumers and businesses manage money and conduct commerce. We believe that technological transformation will make financial services more accessible, safe and affordable for everyone, and we promote policies that enable these innovations. To learn more, visit: Follow us on Twitter: @FIN_Now.

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